Case Study

Twin Lakes

SIGMA Auction is proud to work with our clients to make every auction a success. See what it was like working with Twin Lakes Brewery:

Type of Auction

Complete Liquidation


Newport, Deleware

About Twin Lakes

A brewery owner decided to shut down their business and needed to sell their assets quickly. The owner wanted to maximize the value of their assets and get out of the building as fast as possible. The owner decided to hold an auction for their assets with the help of SIGMA Auction. SIGMA Auction was experienced in handling similar situations and was well-equipped to maximize the value of the assets in a short amount of time. The auction was a great success, and the owner was pleased with the outcome. SIGMA Auction was able to quickly sell all of the assets and helped the owner get out of the building as fast as possible. The assets were sold for a fair market value, and the owner was able to recoup a significant amount of their investment.

The Challenge

Maximizing Value

Owners wanted to sell quickly, but still wanted maximum value for their equipment.

Expedited Service

Twin Lakes needed to be out of their facility as quickly as possible.

Lack of Experience

Twin Lakes needed assistance in hosting and maintaining an auction.

The Solution

SIGMA Auction was able to quickly sell all of the assets and helped the owner get out of the building as fast as possible. This included: 


Efficient Equipment Preparation

SIGMA Auction efficiently prepared the equipment for sale and utilized their network of buyers to secure high hammer prices.

Targeted Marketing

SIGMA Auction’s marketing team created a customized marketing plan sent to engaged and interested audiences.

Equipment preview days

SIGMA Auction gave interested buyers the chance to preview equipment before purchase to help promote early purchasing and higher returns.

Additionally, a leading producer in the beverage industry was looking to upgrade their production equipment and decided to sell their current wine bottling line and beer canning system through an auction. The company had invested heavily in the equipment and wanted to recoup as much of the investment as possible, while also ensuring that the equipment would be put to good use in the future. SIGMA Auction had a brewery auction in the works and decided to include these assets in the sale on a very short notice. They had the their two complete lines shipped to SIGMA Auction’s Showroom where they were cleaned and detailed and set up on their photo wall for professional photos.

The high hammer prices achieved for the beer canning line and the wine bottling line demonstrate the demand for this type of equipment and the effectiveness of SIGMA Auction’s marketing efforts. The seller was extremely satisfied with the results, and SIGMA Auction continues to be a leading auction company in the industry.

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The numbers

SIGMA Auction hosted a successful auction with Twin Lakes to give them higher returns than expected. Partnering with additional breweries helped increase the lots for the auction and bring in interested buyers. Below are the performance numbers for this auction: 

Lot Sold past the Reserve Price

Page views to Auction

Total Lots Sold

Avg sold price per lot

The star of the auction was the beer canning line, which sold for a hammer price 35% higher than the reserve price at $68,500. This was a significant increase from the reserve price and the seller was extremely pleased with the result. The wine bottling line also performed well, selling for a hammer price 78% higher than the reserve price at $62,500.