Complete Liquidations

Solutions for plant closures, shifts in projects, or anything in between

Earn a quick return while closing a facility or phasing out a production line. Our team will inspect your equipment, take photos, create a marketing campaign, and prepare for an online auction of your assets while giving you the flexibility to host from your facility or ours.

Is a complete liquidation right for you?

With the variety of services that SIGMA Auction offers, you may be wondering which route will best fit you and your facility’s needs. If you need to dissolve a large amount of equipment or liquidate a full facility and are working with a tight deadline, our complete liquidation option is the most time effective and will give you the most return for your assets.

How SIGMA Auction’s complete liquidations work

  • Our team will conduct an onsite visit to review your assets and catalog your equipment.
  • We will then get to work on listing your property or pieces through our SIGMA Equipment division. This listing will get exposure from our network of thousands of customers in the manufacturing industry.
  • During this time, we will also schedule internal and external marketing campaigns to increase the exposure of your listing.
  • We will review any offers with you and ultimately you have the power to accept, decline, or counter any offers presented.
  • For any pieces that don’t sell prior to the auction, we will schedule the auction  and on it’s dedicated date, will be conducted online and the SIGMA Auction team will monitor the auction and keep you informed throughout.
  • Lastly, once we have successfully liquidated your assets, we will send the profits over to you and help coordinate any needed shipping or logistics.

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In the world of production, time is money. Listing your items with SIGMA Auction will ensure, not only your timelines are being met, but also that you’re receiving the best value for your assets as possible. That’s what SIGMA Auction likes to call a win-win.

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If you’re thinking about selling through sigma… DO IT! They were AMAZING, they streamlined the process of selling our equipment and got us exactly the amount we were looking for. Their customer service is A+.


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