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Selling and buying used equipment can seem like a stressful and time-consuming process. SIGMA Auctions offers consignment auctions to make finding and selling equipment at great prices easier than ever. We feature high-quality equipment from top companies and manufacturers. Our mission is to connect buyers and sellers with pieces at competitive prices that will meet all their equipment needs. 

Our consignment auctions offer the ability to buy or sell new equipment from anywhere in the world. Participants also have the flexibility to sell equipment directly from their location or have the option to store their equipment at our safe and secure facilities during the sale so they can immediately free up space. 

List your equipment with us today to begin earning value for your idle pieces.

SIGMA Facility Consignment Auction

Remote Consignment Auction


SIGMA makes auctions as easy as possible, here’s why:

  1. First our logistics team will coordinate the shipping and delivery of your equipment to our facility.
  2. Then our auction team will then get the piece auction ready by cleaning, skidding and photographing the equipment.
  3. After the piece is properly prepared, we will list the piece online at the agreed price and begin an advertising campaign.
  4. Once the piece sells we will coordinate shipping methods with the buyer and securely collect their payment.
  5. Lastly, once the piece is shipped, you will promptly receive the payment.

Remote auctions give you control while also earning maximum return

  1. You have the option to store your equipment throughout the auction process which will save you money in shipping and storage fees.
  2. To create a successful listing, we recommend cleaning and skidding the piece before taking high-quality pictures of it.
  3. Once the piece is listed online, we will advertise the listing to our extensive network.
  4. After the piece is sold, our logistics team can help coordinate the delivery of your piece.
  5. Lastly, once the piece is shipped, you will promptly receive the payment.

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SIGMA Auction hosts consignment auctions that feature the highest quality equipment which have been carefully selected by our expert auctioneers and appraisers. Our team can assist you in completing a successful sale of your idle equipment and ensures you will receive the maximum return for the piece listing in our auction. 

SIGMA’s consignment auctions bring together our network of thousands of industry professionals who are looking to buy and sell. Whether you’re looking to turn surplus equipment into cash or searching for a piece for your next project, SIGMA Auction has something for everyone.

To learn more about our consignment auctions or to get in contact with one of our auction specialists about listing your idle equipment, click below.