Case Study

Rowdy Mermaid Kombucha

SIGMA Auction is proud to work with our clients to make every auction a success. See what it was like working with Rowdy Mermaid Kombucha:

Type of Auction



Boulder, Colorado

About Rowdy Mermaid

In August 2023, Rowdy Mermaid, located in Boulder, Colorado, sought to sell their kombucha processing, canning, and packaging equipment. With a tight deadline, they reached out to SIGMA Auction, aiming to remove all equipment by the end of October.

The Challenge

Maximizing Value

Rowdy Mermaid wanted to sell quickly, but still wanted maximum value for their equipment.

Expedited Service

Rowdy Mermaid needed to remove all equipment from their facility by the end of October.

The Solution

With a quick four-week turnaround, SIGMA Auction was able to sell Rowdy Mermaid’s assets, which resulted in a substantial return on the client’s investment. 


Efficient Equipment Preparation

SIGMA Auction efficiently prepared the equipment for sale and utilized their network of buyers to secure high hammer prices.

Targeted Marketing

SIGMA Auction’s marketing team worked with external marketing sources to boost auction exposure and find motivated buyers, leading to an increased ROI.

The Results

SIGMA’s auction for Rowdy Mermaid proved to be a resounding success. By acting quickly, Rowdy Mermaid had all of their equipment removed by October’s end. The comprehensive marketing efforts resulted in a substantial return on the client’s investment. The client expressed extreme satisfaction with the auction’s outcome, thanks to SIGMA’s ability to maximize value within a tight timeframe.

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The numbers

SIGMA Auction hosted a successful auction with Rowdy Mermaid to give them higher returns than expected. Below are the performance numbers for this auction: 


Lots Sold past the Reserve Price

Final Hammer Price

Pieces Sold


Increase in Projected Hammer Price