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Niagara Bottling LLC

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Dallas, Texas

About Niagara Bottling

In mid-November 2023, SIGMA Recovery’s asset management client, Niagara Bottling LLC, urgently sought to sell a bag-in-box line, removing the equipment from their Dallas, Texas facility at no cost to them before year-end. To facilitate the rapid sale within this timeframe, SIGMA Recovery engaged SIGMA Auction, a sister division of SIGMA Group. They had just two-and-a-half weeks to travel to Dallas, catalog the equipment, advertise, and conduct the auction.

The Challenge

Expedited Service

Niagara needed to sell equipment from their bag-in-box line quickly, giving SIGMA Auction two and a half weeks to conduct the auction.

Maximizing Value

Despite their urgent need to sell and remove equipment before the year-end, Niagara still sought to maximize their return on investment.

No-Cost Equipment Removal

One of the client’s primary objectives was to have the equipment removed from their facility at no cost to them.

The Solution

To meet the year-end sale target, SIGMA Auction scheduled an on-site auction for December 6 and undertook strategic measures to ensure the client’s goals were successfully met.


Efficient Equipment Preparation

The SIGMA Auction team quickly dispatched to the client’s facility to catalog equipment before building and posting the auction.

Targeted Marketing

SIGMA Auction collaborated with the SIGMA Group marketing team to increase the exposure of Niagara’s auction, driving auction sign-ups.

Onsite Auction Format

Opting for an on-site auction format, SIGMA placed the responsibility of removal, loading, and freight costs on the buyers, ensuring zero cost for the client.

The Results

SIGMA’s auction for Niagara Bottling LLC exceeded expectations, marking a significant success. The auction garnered an impressive 184% return on investment, largely due to the increased sign-ups driven by SIGMA Group’s marketing efforts and collaboration within our extensive network. Niagara Bottling LLC was thrilled with the remarkable return on investment achieved before the year’s end, demonstrating the success of the partnership.

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The numbers

SIGMA Auction hosted a successful auction with Niagara Bottling LLC to give them higher returns than expected. Below are the performance numbers for this auction: 


Lots Sold past the Reserve Price

Final Hammer Price

Pieces Sold


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