SIGMA Consignment Auctions

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When it comes to selling your used equipment or clearing out a full warehouse of assets, it can be tough to even know where to start. Our SIGMA Auction team is here to expedite the selling process so that you can get back to focusing on what’s important while still earning the market value from your assets.

Our consignment auctions feature high-quality equipment made by top-name manufacturers from companies and facilities just like yours. SIGMA Auction’s mission is to connect buyers and sellers with the assets they’ve been looking for, all with competitive pricing and excellent service.

Selling with SIGMA Auction

When you sell your assets with SIGMA Auction and list your equipment in one of our consignment auctions, you gain the flexibility of selling from anywhere in the world. Depending on your needs, you can keep your equipment at your location until they are sold, or if you’re short on space, you can store your equipment at our secure facility during the sale so that you can immediately free up space. Our 660,000 sq ft warehouse makes SIGMA Auction the largest and leading consignment auction in the industry. List your equipment with us today to begin earning value for your idle pieces.

* If any piece of equipment or lot is unsold, those pieces can be added to the next month’s consignment auction, helping you get the best chance to get your equipment sold.


SIGMA Facility Consignment Auction

How It Works

  • Our logistics team coordinates the shipping and delivery of your equipment to our facility
  • Our auction team begins cleaning, skidding, and photographing your equipment
  • Your equipment will be listed online at the agreed price and we will begin advertising
  • Once the piece sells we coordinate shipping with the buyer and collect payment
  • After the piece is shipped, you will promptly receive the payment.

We will then get to work on listing your property or pieces through our SIGMA Equipment division. This listing will get exposure from our network of thousands of customers in the manufacturing industry.

During this time, we will also schedule internal and external marketing campaigns to increase the exposure of your listing.

We will review any offers with you and ultimately you have the power to accept, decline, or counter any offers presented.

The scheduled auction date will be conducted online and the SIGMA Auction team will monitor the auction and keep you informed throughout the auction.

Lastly, once we have successfully liquidated your assets, we will send the profits over to you and help coordinate any needed shipping or logistics.

Remote Consignment Auction

How it works

You will save money in shipping and storage fees by keeping your equipment at your facility during the auction process
To earn maximum value, we recommend that you clean, skid, take high-quality photos of the equipment you would like to list
We will then list your equipment and begin advertising to our extensive network of buyers
Once the piece sells we coordinate shipping with the buyer and collect payment
After the piece is shipped, you will promptly receive the payment.

Buying with SIGMA Auction

When you buy from one of our consignment auctions, you are browsing lots of the highest quality equipment that have been carefully selected by our expert auctioneers and competitively priced by our certified appraisers. Once the bidding opens for our auctions, one-of-a-kind items go fast.

Ready to start bidding today?

You can sign up for any of our upcoming consignment auctions or any other ongoing auctions by visiting our Auction page. To learn more about our auctions and the process that goes into making them successful, get in touch with one of our auction experts.

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In the world of production, time is money. Listing your items with SIGMA Auction will ensure, not only your timelines are being met, but also that you’re receiving the best value for your assets as possible. That’s what SIGMA Auction likes to call a win-win.

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