SIGMA Auction

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The SIGMA Approach


SIGMA Auction has developed a system that will assess your surplus equipment and then help you turn your assets into immediate liquidity. Through valuations, live and online auctions, we offer a no-stress solution to turn your idle equipment into profits.

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Live and Online Auctions


We use our vast network to connect your equipment with interested buyers and help you gain maximum return on your idle equipment. We conduct all of our own auctions and handle all sales and logistics so that you can collect your earnings shortly after the auction has concluded. 

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Valuation and Appraisal

Wanting to sell your used equipment but not sure how to determine the resale value? Our team of expert appraisers will evaluate your equipment and then configure an accurate price based on market projections. This will ensure that you receive the best possible outcome on your equipment. 

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SIGMA Auction uses a network of thousands of industry experts to connect your equipment with interested buyers. We have 18 years of experience in sales and auctions with extensive knowledge of the resale value of used equipment. Letting SIGMA Auction sell your equipment is a convenient way to dispose of idle equipment and allows you to gain immediate profit. We make things easy for you by handling all auction and sales logistics while also giving you the option to store your equipment in our warehouse if you are short on space. As soon as the auction has concluded, you can collect your earnings and move forward with your next project knowing you got the best value for your equipment.

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