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Avoid getting outbid & secure your equipment today

Don’t miss out on the piece of equipment your production needs by getting outbid. With SIGMA Auction’s presale option, you can secure the equipment you need before it ever goes to auction.

This allows you to receive your purchase even quicker by avoiding the auction altogether. And buying directly through SIGMA Auction still provides competitive pricing compared to other channels.

See something you need? Buy it now to guarantee it’s yours.

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In the world of production, time is money. Listing your items with SIGMA Auction will ensure, not only your timelines are being met, but also that you’re receiving the best value for your assets as possible. That’s what SIGMA Auction likes to call a win-win.

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success stories:

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If you’re thinking about selling through sigma… DO IT! They were AMAZING, they streamlined the process of selling our equipment and got us exactly the amount we were looking for. Their customer service is A+.


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